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Participating artists: Nicole Baxter, Linda Chow, Robin Dupont, Milt Fischbein, Matt Gould, Terry Hildebrand, Brad Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Diane Krys, Darren Petersen, Jean-Claude and Talar Prefontaine, Shona Rae and Simon Wroot.

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Photo by Jeff Yee
The Alberta Craft Awards are designed to honour individuals and groups who make significant contributions to Alberta’s fine craft culture. The awards not only stimulate awareness and instill distinction for fine craft in Alberta, they also instill distinction for fine craft in Alberta, they invigorate and give prominence to deserving artists and their work.

2018 Alberta Craft Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Alberta Craft Awards. And thank you to all the nominees, nominators, jury members, volunteers, and staff who helped make the 2018 Alberta Craft Awards a success. 

The 2018 recipients are:

Dr. Jennifer E. Salahub - Tom McFall Honour Award
Given to a volunteer, supporter, teacher, or craftsperson who has made a significant contribution to Alberta’s fine craft culture.

Linda Chow - Excellence Award
Given to an established craftsperson who excels in his or her area of craft.

Allison Tunis - Early Achievement Award
Given to an emerging craftsperson/student in recognition of his/her achievement to date and/or potential.

Dawn Candy - Linda Stanier and Family Memorial Award
A biennial endowed award that celebrates the life of Linda Stanier and honours excellence in ceramics. The nominee should work and reside in Alberta and be primarily a studio-based, full-time professional ceramic artist.


Past Recipients

2016Learn more about the 2016 Receipients.
Honour Award - Dan Miller, ceramics (Edmonton, AB)
Excellence Award - Sarabeth Carnat, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Early Achievement Award - Anna Burger-Martindale, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Linda Stanier and Family Memorial Award - JoAnna Lange, ceramics (Edmonton, AB)

Stanier - Anna Rasmussen, ceramics (Dickson, AB)
Excellence - Shona Rae, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Achievement - Andrea Blais, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)

Stanier - Jim Etzkorn, ceramics (Red Deer, AB)
Honour - Sarabeth Carnat, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Excellence - John Blair, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Achievement - Bee Kingdom, glass (Calgary, AB)

Stanier – Dawn Detarando & Brian McArthur, ceramics (Red Deer, AB)
Honour –  Simon Wroot, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Excellence - Jackie Anderson, metal (Calgary, AB) and Ilya Oratovsky, fibre (Edmonton, AB)
Achievement – Jeanna Frishke, jewellery (Calgary, AB)

Stanier – Sam Uhlick, ceramics (Edmonton, AB)
Honour –  Katrina Chaytor, ceramics (Calgary, AB) 
Excellence – not awarded
Achievement – Mindy Andrews, ceramics (Calgary, AB)

Stanier – Christian Barr, ceramics (Wildwood, AB)
Honour – Joan Irvin, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB) and James Marshall, ceramics (Medicine Hat, AB)
Excellence – Tyler Rock, glass (Black Diamond, AB)
Achievement – Gillian Hillerud, jewellery (Calgary, AB)  and Stephanie Jonsson, sculpture (Edmonton, AB)

Stanier – Judith Green, ceramics (Pincher Creek)
Honour – Les Manning, ceramics (Medicine Hat, AB)
Excellence – Jane Kidd, fibre (Calgary, AB)
Achievement – Louise Chong, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)

Stanier – Katrina Chaytor, ceramics (Calgary, AB)
Honour – Lyn Pflueger, fibre (Bragg Creek, AB)
Excellence – no nominees
Achievement – Ezequiel Morales, ceramics (Calgary)

Stanier - John Chalke, ceramics (Calgary, AB)
Honour - Dee Fontans, jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Excellence - Henry Schlosser, wood (Calgary, AB)
Achievement - Do-Hee Sung, ceramics (Calgary, AB) and Sonja Neven, jewellery (Calgary, AB)

Stanier – Diane Sullivan, ceramics (Calgary, AB)
Excellence - Martha Henry, glass (Calgary, AB)
Honour - Charles Lewton-Brain, metal/jewellery (Calgary, AB)
Achievement - Dawn Detarando and Brain McArthur, ceramics (Red Deer, AB)