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Participating artists: Nicole Baxter, Linda Chow, Robin Dupont, Milt Fischbein, Matt Gould, Terry Hildebrand, Brad Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Diane Krys, Darren Petersen, Jean-Claude and Talar Prefontaine, Shona Rae and Simon Wroot.

Artist Spotlight

The Artist Spotlight highlights the new and exciting work that may yet be unshown, or consigning work that explores a focus outside the parameters of an artist's "bread and butter" lines. For a month, a large solo display on the floor or in the window becomes a mini exhibition opportunity for the artist.

If you are a consignment artist with our shop and are interested in the possibility of becoming a spotlight artist, please contact the Retail Gallery Coordinator, Linda Frena, to discuss possibilities.

May - Ezequiel Morales


Ezequiel Morales believes that, for ceramics, there is always something exciting and worthy of trying. Having fired with salt, soda and wood, it is clear every technique can be both simple and complicated depending on the goals and demands imposed by the artist. For Ezequiel, the most challenging techniques have been the most rewarding, motivating him to explore new areas in ceramics.

For some time, Ezequiel has been attracted to crystalline glazes, a field that is accompanied with warnings such as “unpredictable” or “problematic”. And yet, Ezequiel cannot resist the temptation to experiment. When a ceramic vase emerges from the kiln with crystals on its surface, Ezequiel continues to be surprised.






Upcoming 2016 Artist Spotlights

June - Tyler Rock
July - Louise Brud
August - Andy Brooks