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Participating artists: Nicole Baxter, Linda Chow, Robin Dupont, Milt Fischbein, Matt Gould, Terry Hildebrand, Brad Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Diane Krys, Darren Petersen, Jean-Claude and Talar Prefontaine, Shona Rae and Simon Wroot.

Artist Spotlight

The Artist Spotlight highlights the new and exciting work that may yet be unshown, or consigning work that explores a focus outside the parameters of an artist's "bread and butter" lines. For a month, a large solo display on the floor or in the window becomes a mini exhibition opportunity for the artist.

If you are a consignment artist with our shop and are interested in the possibility of becoming a spotlight artist, please contact the Retail Gallery Coordinator, Linda Frena, to discuss possibilities.

March - Amy Skrocki


Much of Amy Skrocki (Edmonton) work is inspired by nature but also by folklore and mythology pertaining to nature. The elements of construction in her work begin as raw natural materials (various metals and leathers) and, through the creative process, she honours their original state by crafting pieces which exude a lasting beauty. Amy further entwines her love of nature with the story of humanity by creating combinations of natural elements and historic symbols, as well as her own original design components.

I think because we are so intimately a part of our environment, and vice versa, one story cannot be told without the other. I also draw inspiration from the stories and poems I write with my husband (Tanner) and these pieces reflect the characters we have imagined.







Upcoming 2016 Artist Spotlights

April - Michael J.C. Holton (Calgary)