Breanne Avender

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Breanne Avender is currently a Calgary based Gemmologist and Jewellery Artist.  Breanne was born in Nanaimo BC.  She lived in Nanaimo till 2005, when she moved to Vancouver.  She received her diplomas in Gemmology from the Gemmological and Gem Testing laboratory of Great Britain (FGA) and Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA) in 2007 simultaneously while living in Vancouver. She has been working in the Jewellery industry since 2002 and is a recent Grad of the Alberta College of Art and Design. While at ACAD she was a Teacher’s Assistant for ACAD’s Gemmology class, has written and taught a class on Diamonds, and ran Gemmology labs for the students, she continues to be involved with teaching Gemmology even after graduation. She is a member of the CGA’s Education committee and is currently helping rewrite the CGA’s Diploma notes.

She is now exploring the art of making Jewellery by using traditional and non-traditional material. Her work is heavily influenced by her BC roots, which manifests itself in very free flowing and organic designs, and her accented by her fascinationwith gemstones and an innate urge to create.

ACC Exhibitions: Generation whY (2011), Coming Up Next (2012), Shift (2012), Coming Up Next (2013)