Nicole Baxter

As a jewellery artist and educator, Edmonton artist Nicole Baxter asks herself the question: “What is the difference between jewellery and jewellery art?”. For Nicole, jewellery commerce dictates that an object is precious because of the materials used whereas jewellery art rises above the materials. As Nicole describes, ...“an object has value because the artist makes it so...{and} this is the constant struggle of the jewellery artist...making art through beauty, line, texture, reflection and the technical application of the craft”.

Nicole Baxter received her formal education at The Alberta College of Art + Design and has maintained a studio practice for 25 years. “I feel I’ve spent 25 years honing my craft and now I’m ready to show the world what I can do. Working with metal is a physical commitment - the work is as much about my skill as a crafts person as it is about expression. If you don’t have the skill or the patience to endure the nature of working with metal, the technique can defeat you. Pushing the metal to move and conform to one’s concept transforms it and charges it with life and meaning. I choose jewellery as my vehicle because it goes with you on your body, or comes to you on some others body. Jewellery art makes the world a changing shifting gallery for all to see”.


ACC Exhibitions: Well In Hand (2014), Thinking In Threes (2015), Masterworks (2015)