Honourable Senator Patricia Bovey Speaks at the CCF National Conference - October 2018
Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 3:01PM
Honourable Senator Patricia Bovey
In October 2018, The CCF’s National Conference took place in three distinct sessions across Halifax and explored Placemaking: The Unique Connection Between Craft, Community + Tourism. Craft sector leaders from Provincial and Territorial Craft Councils gathered along with affiliate organizations and members from around the country from October 10 - 15, 2018. Alberta Craft Council Executive Director Jenna Stanton was a keynote speaker, exploring her personal journey into Placemaking. 
The feature speaker for the Lunenburg sessions was Senator Patricia Bovey, art historian and museologist, who gave a moving speech on the importance and economic impact of the Arts Sector in Canada and the work she is doing to advocate for the Arts in the Senate. 
The January - April 2019 issue of Alberta Craft provides a detailed look into the happenings of the conference, and as stated on Page 20, you can read Senator Bovey’s full speech here.
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