Meet the Maker - Shona Rae
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at 4:58PM
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A self-proclaimed ‘Madwoman’ and an obsessive maker and songwriter, Shona Rae maintains a commitment to the study, practice, and education of art, craft, design, and rock and roll.

We asked Shona Rae a few questions about her inspiration and her most precious studio item. 

Alberta Craft Council: Having studied ceramics, theatre, dance, storytelling, puppetry, painting, fibre, and music, how do you decide what to work on in a day?

Shona Rae
: I don’t stick to one genre in art, nor will I do it in my music. While I admire artists who can make 30 of one sculpture, it’s just not who I am. I am constantly working on many things at once and I don’t mind if things take years to make, especially when one is immersed in such an intense and satisfying creative process. 

ACC: How has your love of lore impacted your work? What is your favorite fairytale?

I have been obsessively reading myths and stories from all cultures my entire life, but I didn’t realize how much knowledge had accumulated until I took an English class at ACAD about myths. When the professor would ask a question, everyone would turn to me because I often knew the answer. This class helped me come to an understanding that I needed to do my entire fairytale collection.
My favorite fairytale is “The Goose Girl,” although I don’t have work inspired by this tale in my collection. A close second would be “Bluebeard,” which I have created entire exhibitions about.

Eros and Psyche / The Lovers (VI) (detail). Sleeping Beauty (II). Shona Rae

ACC: Was there an important event that helped shaped your career?

When I was studying jewellery in school, my instructor told me I had to make rings to make it in the industry, and I vowed never to make rings. But never say never. I had two exhibitions at the Alberta Craft Gallery (2006 and 2015) and both were part of a series of rings. I am thankful for the Alberta Craft Council for supporting my work, which navigates the boundaries between jewellery and sculpture. 

ACC: What is your favorite thing in your studio?

SR: I have wolf and bear skulls in my studio. People bring me skulls and bones all the time and I can be seen sporting a carved bone or two on my person.

Visit the Blackboard Gallery in cSPACE King Edward in Calgary, AB. Consider bringing a bone as tribute.
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