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What you need to know about submitting your work for an exhibition at the Alberta Craft Gallery

Alberta Craft Discovery Gallery

Having worked with many artists over the years (and as artists ourselves), we know first-hand how intimidating and stressful it can be to put together an exhibition proposal for a gallery. To try and make it easy for all artists to submit their ideas we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we get from those wishing to submit their work for exhibition. 

The deadline to submit your proposal for the Discovery Gallery exhibition line-up of 2020 is June 3rd, 2019 9am MST

1.    Do you have to be a member of the Alberta Craft Council to apply?

Yes, you should be a member of the Alberta Craft Council (as should every Alberta artist who is pursuing a career in fine craft and wants to be connected to a great community). Get or renew your Alberta Craft Council membership.

2.    Are CARFAC fees paid for Discovery Exhibitions? 

In 2020 the Alberta Craft Council will be paying a CARFAC fee of $848 for solo Discovery Gallery Exhibitions. The fee is split for group exhibitions.

3.    What if I don’t have all the work created yet? 

For the deadline, we need the proposal to be fully realized. It would be great to have images of the work that will be actually on display but if that is not feasible then include samples of work that is representative of the proposal, along with drawings/sketches of the proposed work and a timeline for creation. Read the call for entry for all the details. 

4.    What is included in promoting the exhibition?  

Each exhibition is featured in the Alberta Craft Magazine (image and article), invitations (both printed and digital), and online promotion (our website, Alberta Craft Member E-News, Alberta Craft What’s In E-newsletter, social media channels), press releases, and postings to many online events and arts listings.  

Based on the theme of the exhibition, the team works with the artist to develop the article for the magazine, which then is used as the base for the rest of the promotional plan.  A few high-quality images are required as well for promotional use. An artist portrait is always appreciated too.   

5.    How big is the Discovery Gallery? 

The Discovery Gallery is located on the main level of the Alberta Craft Gallery – Edmonton.  The total square feet 436 and it has 35 feet of wall space.
Other notes about the space: 
-    ceiling height is 10’10”
-    the floor is carpeted
-    windows on the North side are frosted and 8’5” high
-    window ledge is 21” wide and 19” high
-    we have both dry-wall and slatted walls
Giselle Peters "Milk & Oil" 2018 - Alberta Craft Discovery Gallery

6.    What display equipment do you have? 

The Alberta Craft Gallery has many different sizes of plinths as well as plexi covers, risers and shelves available.  All work should show up ready to be hung or displayed.  If your artwork requires unique or specific hardware or display equipment, it should be provided. 

7.    Do I have to set up the show myself? 

No, the Alberta Craft Council exhibition team will take the lead on the set-up.  It is best if you supply details and information on how work is best displayed along with special instructions to help guide our trained staff.  

Alberta Craft Discovery Gallery - "The Art of Hide Tanning" Exhibition opening

8.    Do I have to be in attendance for the opening reception?  

It is best if the artist is in attendance for the reception, this does not have to occur on the opening day of the show.  We can organize a different Saturday or possibly an evening event. We can host a reception with light snacks and beverages as well as an artist talk and/or an interactive demonstration. 

9.    Will my exhibition be hosted in the Calgary location?

Our Calgary Gallery hosts a selection of both Alberta Craft Discovery and Feature exhibitions. We strive for a diverse cross-section of exhibitions. Our selection criteria include but is not limited to fine craft media, contemporary to heritage fine craft, emerging to established makers, as well as artist locations to make sure we represent the best in fine craft across Alberta and Canada.

Missed something? We want to make sure you submit the best proposal you can, if we still haven't answered all your question feel free to contact Joanne, Exhibition Lead at | 780-488-6611 ext.234