Andy Brooks

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Andy Brooks (Edmonton, AB) has lived the majority of his life in Edmonton, and has formally studied technical drawing, graphic arts, and holds a teaching degree from the University of Alberta. Andy is essentially a self-taught craftsman in wood and stone, following the techniques and innovations of other wood and stone turners, finding satisfaction with a mixture of Alabaster stone and wood.

Alabaster is a relatively soft stone which is shaped with a variety of steel and diamond tools, then sanded to a fine luster. Alabaster stone displays a variety of colours and grain patterning, being very different from one region to the next. This Alabaster stone has been chosen expressly for its translucence, marbled figure , and micro-crystalline structure which allows the finished vessel to ring when lightly struck.

Andy's Alabaster vessel has been sealed with a finish that requires no special care other than dusting with a dry or damp cloth. Filling this vessel with water is not recommend for anything but short periods of time.

ACC Exhibitions: Making Notes (2013)