Concrete Cat

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Matt & Shawna Heide (Edmonton, AB) are the artists behind Concrete Cat, a Canadian atelier established in 2007. We explore the use of concrete with a focus on colour, pattern and form. Concrete Cat produces objet d’art, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements.

Matt considers himself to be as curious as a cat, never able to stop exploring or learning new things.  As someone whose curiosity is an integral part of his nature, Matt approaches every new job as an opportunity to learn.  This curiosity has encouraged him to experience many different and unconventional jobs including bee keeping and roughnecking as well as giving Matt his first experience with concrete: cementing joints inside manholes and storm water lines.  Today Matt, along with his team, push the boundaries of what can be done with this industrial building material through the Concrete Cat design house.
An industrial artist and self described modern day Renaissance man, Matt draws from many different areas of study.  “We are at a turning point in time where the Renaissance man is making a comeback as a respected contributor to the community, be it in art, science, religion, or business.”
Matt’s artistic discipline is the evolution of a technique that has taken him far past his first encounter with concrete underneath the city lying on his back inside a storm water line. Almost a decade and a half later, Matt is still a humble construction worker looking for a way to communicate with the world through the concrete medium.

ACC Exhibitions: Coming Up Next (2013), Furnish (2014), Frontiers: Casting the Future (2014)