Teena Dickerson

Teena Dickerson (Delburne, AB) employs traditional techniques in her work including carving, lost wax casting, hand fabrication, and the lapidary arts; all the work is done in-studio, by hand. She is part of a growing movement
of artisans who enjoy both the benefits of old and new technology. As a modern artisan, Teena creates work using traditional techniques all the while, embracing new technologies. Teena admits that she can become lost in the details of a design and will often carve intricacies that may never be seen – under a stone setting or on the backs of pieces. Her hope is that the jewellery becomes an extension of the wearer, so much so that the wearer feels naked without it.

Teena graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, majoring in metal arts in 1995 and completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree at the University of New Brunswick in 2013. She moved to Alberta to continue her education at the University of Calgary in a Master’s program and has opened a new casting and fabrication studio in the softly rolling hills of Delburne.

ACC Exhibitions: Continuum (2014)