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Feature Gallery
The ACC operates the only public gallery in the province dedicated to exhibiting craft arts and is Edmonton’s second largest public gallery. The Feature Gallery hosts
4+ exhibitions per year.

Discovery Gallery
The Discovery Gallery is dedicated to showing new work by established and emerging fine craft artists as well as small group exhibitions.  The Discovery Gallery is located on the main level of the ACC and features 7+ exhibitions per year.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Stories Brought to Life

February 25 - April 8, 2017
Reception: Saturday, March 4 from 2-4 pm 

Wearable metal and leather art work by Edmonton artist and visual storyteller Amy Skrocki.



Simpler Slower Silver

April 15 - May 27, 2017
Reception: Saturday, April 22 from 2-4pm

Jewellery artist Soma Mo (Edmonton) works by hand in silver using traditional techniques she has learned from a Tibetan region master silversmith.




April 15 - May 27, 2017
Reception: Saturday, April 22 from 2-4pm

Kenton Jeske (Edmonton) creates furniture with beauty and integrity by using quality materials and maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.



Threads that Bind

June 3 - July 15, 2017
Reception: Saturday, June 10 from 2-4 pm

Calgary artist Ann Haessel blurs the boundaries between traditional fabric art, painting and mixed media.




July 22- September 2, 2017
Reception: Saturday, July 22 from 2-4 pm

Sam Knopp’s (Irma) functional ceramics subvert expectations and reference her recent geographic transition.



Painted with Fire

July 22- September 2, 2017
Reception: Saturday, July 22 from 2-4 pm

Ken Lumbis’ (Grande Prairie) ceramic sculptures highlight intriguing effects achieved through pit firing.




September 9 - October 14, 2017
Reception: Saturday, September 9 from 2-4pm

Mixed media sculptures by Dena Seiferling (Calgary) and Stefanie Staples (Cochrane) explore conservation, biodiversity and preservation of birds.




Previous Exhibitions

The Recipients

January 14 - February 18, 2017
Reception: Saturday, January 21 from 2-4 pm 

An exhibition celebrating the recipients of the 2016 Alberta Craft Awards. Participating artists: Anna Burger-Martindale, Sarabeth Carnat, JoAnna Lange, Dan Miller. Learn more about the exhibition.


2016 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

A Place For Everything; What Grows in the Ditch; MIX; Get a Handle on It; Inventing Narratives; Exhoes; The Inhabited Landscape; Carrying On; Small Works: Paper & Cloth; Get Lost; Transformation – Hooked Sculptures; Distil; Material Witness: view online


2015 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; The Anatomy Of My Heart; Earth Rhythms; Landed; Thinking In Threes; Small Joys; Coming Up Next; A Second Look; Less Is More: view online


2014 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Hanji; Trophies for the Ranchland; What does your fish tank look like?; Coalescence; Coming Up Next; Waiting for the Man; Fleeting Whispers; Totems of the Masculine; Frontiers; Bubble Invasion; Caffeine; 21-Konstruktions: view online


2013 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Earthly Elements; The Recipients; Urban Wild; Neighbourhood Icons; Making Notes; Coming Up Next; Tails from a Rejuvenated Forest; Static Bloom; The Others; FROM:Correspondence TO: TXT, Fairy-tales, Folktales and Mythcommunications...Part II; Illusions, Revelations, Transformations: view online


2012 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; What’s a Girl to Do; Women; Obsession; Confluence; Coming Up Next; Pure Form; Figments & Fragments; Thank you! Come Again; Delineate: view online


2011 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; Culinary Collection; Flourish; Strength & Stillness; Coming Up Next; Off the Floor; Specimen; Making a Spectacle of Myself; Victorian Inclinations; Saltalk: view online


2010 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; An Affair to Remember; The Geese Came Back; Proximity & Touch; Coming Up Next; Aerial Landscapes; Intangible Cultural Assets: Reflections of Korea; Words, Wit, Wisdom and Wool: view online


2009 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients Exhibition; Drawing from Nature; Coming Up Next; Gone Green; Immense Mode; Wallpaper; Saving Paradise: view online


2008 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients Exhibition; The Future is Later; Nimama; Alberta is My Home; Coming Up Next; Remnants of Community; Isabelle's Sheepdog; Florescence; Vetro Grande IV: Paddle My Bottom: view online


2007 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; Snow Series; Neo-Ovo: New Egg Design; Naked Truth; Coming Up Next; To China With Love; Ten Ita (Heavenly Plank); I³ - Influences, Inspirations and Innovations: view online


2006 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Timeless Communicator; Sparks; Going Green; Just for Fun; Cover Ups & Further Revelations; Fairytales, Folklore & Mythcommunications... Part 1; Alberta Close Up & Personal; Two of a Kind; Once Upon a Time: view online


2005 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Body Ornament West; Reflections; Musings on My First Nine Lives; Artstravigant Faces; Waistcoats/Wastecoats; My House Is Your House; Fine Legs, Chest & Hot Seats; Retrospective; Links; Sojourn of Fire; Studio Ceramics in Canada; Fibre Optics; Drawn to the Flame: view online


2004 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Diversion; Rags to Rugs; Image Serves Technique; A Woman’s Place; Handwork Series: to the bone, in the blood, from the heart; Fine Legs, Great Chests & Hot Seats; Healing with Fibre; Stretching It; First Fireaf: view online