Fall 2019 Exhibition Line-up

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Discovery Gallery - Edmonton
Calgary Gallery - Calgary
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Feature Gallery
The Alberta Craft Council operates the only public galleries in the province dedicated to exhibiting Craft and is Edmonton’s second largest public gallery. The Feature Gallery hosts 3+ exhibitions per year.
10186 - 106 Street
Free Parking & Admission

Discovery Gallery
The Discovery Gallery is dedicated to showing new work by established and emerging fine craft artists as well as small group exhibitions.  The Discovery Gallery features 7+ exhibitions per year.
10186 - 106 Street
Free Parking & Admission

Calgary Gallery
The Alberta Craft Gallery - Calgary is located in cSPACE King Edward.  The gallery showcases both Feature and Discovery Gallery exhibitions and is on an 8-week rotation. 
1721 - 29 Avenue SW
Street Parking & Free Admission



 Edmonton - Alberta Craft Discovery Gallery


Current Exhibition

many things at once

September 28 - November 9, 2019
Artist Reception: Saturday, October 5, 2019
Many things at once is an exhibition that brings together six emerging Canadian artists working in clay. Navigating the complexities of family history, cultural diaspora, language, migration and popular culture, these artists use the material of clay to reflect on identity and the sense of belonging. The voices of these artists are distinct in their methodology, which creates an exhibition rich in conceptual dialogue.
Participating artists: Lux Habrich Logan Kenler Shaun Mallonga Mia Riley Mabel Tan Queenie Xu

Curated by Mia Riley. Mia is the first emerging curator selected for the Alberta Craft Council’s new program, Curators in Contemporary Craft.

Upcoming Exhibitions


November 16 - December 14, 2019
Artist Talk & Reception: Saturday, November 16, 2-4pm
Dawn Deterando (Red Deer) uses her ceramics expertise to curate a diverse selection of over 20 butter dishes created by contempoary ceramic artists. This exhibition will demonstrate the variety of processes and techniques that artists ‘churn’ out from their studios.

Previous Exhibitions



August 10 - September 21, 2019
Artist talk & Reception: August 10, 2-4pm
Holding Rocks (Cage Series) speaks to human attempts to control and possess nature. Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain elevates and magnifies the simple river pebble; beginning by encasing the rock with structures of welded steel, much like a line drawing, and finishes it by adding electroformed copper and 24K gold. Not wearable, instead they are objects meant to be held and contemplated.

Charles Lewton-Brain (Calgary, AB) has lectured and taught in England, Australia, and across North America. A tireless innovator, Charles created his own publishing company, Brain Press and co-founded Ganoksin.com, the world’s largest free online resource for jewellers today. Charles was awarded the prestigious Saidye Bronfman Governor General’s Award in 2012, and the Alberta Craft Award of Honour in 2005.



June 15 - August 3, 2019
Reception: June 15, 2-4pm
The revival of Coming Up Next is an exciting one for the Alberta Craft Council.  The exhibition provides a vital link for emerging artists during this pivotal phase of their career by connecting them to the greater craft community of peers, mentors, and audiences who appreciate the skills, quality, and originality of the handmade. 


Participating Artists: Lael Chmelyk, Naomi Desrochers-Caron, Dayna Ellen, Tanya Everard, Jessie Fraser, Alexandra Glenn-Collins, Grace Han, Leah Kudel, Sara Nishi, Jennifer Pankratz, Carlos Rojas, Adele Schatschneider, Yuan Yin & Matthew O’Reilly.


Edmonton Weavers' Guild

April 27 - June 8, 2019


It’s a tea towel, it has a function. We see and use it every day.
And yet for 65 years Edmonton weavers, women (mostly), have decidedly chosen to put time and effort into designing and mastering handmade goods that most would consider ubiquitous.

As is stated in her book, “In Good Hands: The Women of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild”, Ellen Mary Easton McLeod states, “Craft was relegated to decorative and was denigrated to the unnecessary and frivolous by the beginning of the 1900’s”. Further to this, she goes on to say, “Women made crafts in the home for the family to use. Intended for a useful purpose, their origins were domestic and female. The conditions of their manufacture determined where they fit in the hierarchy of arts. Both women and crafts became invisible”.

Initially weaving “useful goods” may have been for economic, cultural, or artistic reasons. However, even with the onset of fast fashion this unheralded craft remains as resilient as ever. By playing with the idea of the utilitarian nature of 65 years of handwoven articles, the installation is “spun” into a tongue in cheek response to its elitist sister, “art”. The goal is to change the viewer’s perception of handmade textiles’ ubiquitous practicality to masterful fine design.

Edmonton Weavers’ Guild was founded in 1953 to encourage local weavers and spinners to meet, exchange ideas and learn. Today the EWG has evolved into a community of like-minded textile artists and fibre lovers. The 100+ members benefits through friendship, study groups, equipment rentals, studio space, a resource library, and a member’s annual show and sale. They also offer classes and workshops that are developed for the novice to advanced makers.

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2013 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Earthly Elements; The Recipients; Urban Wild; Neighbourhood Icons; Making Notes; Coming Up Next; Tails from a Rejuvenated Forest; Static Bloom; The Others; FROM:Correspondence TO: TXT, Fairy-tales, Folktales and Mythcommunications...Part II; Illusions, Revelations, Transformations: view online


2012 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; What’s a Girl to Do; Women; Obsession; Confluence; Coming Up Next; Pure Form; Figments & Fragments; Thank you! Come Again; Delineate: view online


2011 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; Culinary Collection; Flourish; Strength & Stillness; Coming Up Next; Off the Floor; Specimen; Making a Spectacle of Myself; Victorian Inclinations; Saltalk: view online


2010 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; An Affair to Remember; The Geese Came Back; Proximity & Touch; Coming Up Next; Aerial Landscapes; Intangible Cultural Assets: Reflections of Korea; Words, Wit, Wisdom and Wool: view online


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The Recipients Exhibition; Drawing from Nature; Coming Up Next; Gone Green; Immense Mode; Wallpaper; Saving Paradise: view online


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The Recipients Exhibition; The Future is Later; Nimama; Alberta is My Home; Coming Up Next; Remnants of Community; Isabelle's Sheepdog; Florescence; Vetro Grande IV: Paddle My Bottom: view online


2007 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

The Recipients; Snow Series; Neo-Ovo: New Egg Design; Naked Truth; Coming Up Next; To China With Love; Ten Ita (Heavenly Plank); I³ - Influences, Inspirations and Innovations: view online


2006 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Timeless Communicator; Sparks; Going Green; Just for Fun; Cover Ups & Further Revelations; Fairytales, Folklore & Mythcommunications... Part 1; Alberta Close Up & Personal; Two of a Kind; Once Upon a Time: view online


2005 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Body Ornament West; Reflections; Musings on My First Nine Lives; Artstravigant Faces; Waistcoats/Wastecoats; My House Is Your House; Fine Legs, Chest & Hot Seats; Retrospective; Links; Sojourn of Fire; Studio Ceramics in Canada; Fibre Optics; Drawn to the Flame: view online


2004 Discovery Gallery Exhibitions

Diversion; Rags to Rugs; Image Serves Technique; A Woman’s Place; Handwork Series: to the bone, in the blood, from the heart; Fine Legs, Great Chests & Hot Seats; Healing with Fibre; Stretching It; First Fireaf: view online