Milt Fischbein

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Milt Fischbein was born in Montreal and received a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from McGill University.  In 1979 he moved to Alberta where he worked as a professional engineer in the Alberta oil patch and chemical industries.  Milt recently retired after a very fulfilling career of 35 years.

Milt has been hand fabricating jewellery and metal objects in his studio in Calgary for over twenty years.  Most of his formal metal arts education has been via extension courses and workshops taken at the Alberta College of Art + Design, the Revere Academy of Jewellery arts in San Francisco, Halliburton School of Arts in Ontario and others.

Milt enjoys the process of moving metal with a myriad of hammers and watching the metals flow with each blow of the hammer. He often leaves hammer marks in the metal surface to serve as a reminder of the hand forging process that was used to make the item. This is particularly evident in his series of forged sterling silver bangles, cuff bracelets and earrings.

His most current body of work is his filigree collection.  This series is based on techniques developed by craftsmen thousands of years ago.  Each design is hand crafted out of sterling silver and fine silver wire.  Filigree wire is created by twisting together multiple strands of fine silver wire. The resulting twisted wire is ten formed into a variety of elements which are used to fill sterling silver frames.  While some of this filigree designs are traditional Yemenite designs, he has also utilized these traditional techniques to create more modern works.

ACC Exhibitions: Masterworks (2015)