Michelle Gluza

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Michelle Gluza (Edmonton, AB) immigrated to Edmonton from her native Poland in 1964. She began collecting and pressing Alberta wildflowers as a hobby while she worked a full-time job. Soon her co-workers took notice of her beautiful pressed flowers and began purchasing them for gifts. Now Michelle is retired and her hobby has now become a full-time activity.

Michelle’s handmade cards, gift tags, and bookmarks are a perfect and popular memento of Alberta. She handpicks the delicate flowers in prairie fields, woods, and roadsides. Alberta’s official flower is the pink, five-petalled wild rose which Michelle preserves to be enjoyed year-round. The ability of the wild rose to survive and flourish in the harshest of conditions symbolizes the sprit and tenacity of all that is Alberta.

To preserve the rich and bright color of these beautiful pressed flowers, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.