Patti Hartnagel

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Patti Hartnagel (Edmonton, AB) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and received her degrees in sociology and social work at Indiana University and the University of Calgary. Patti then went on to study art with a focus on ceramics at Red Deer College, the University of Alberta and in the United States. After working for several years in functional ware, she started experimenting with Raku.

Raku is a centuries old firing technique developed by the Japanese. The pieces are fired outdoors in a kiln fuelled by wood or propane. They are heated very quickly to the red-hot stage and while the glaze is still molten, they are pulled out of the kiln and into the air. The iridescent colours and/or crackle surfaces are a result of the chemical reaction of the glaze materials oxidizing when the pots are removed from the kiln. To stop the oxidation process and control the surface effects and colours, the pots are then placed in a pit or container, covered with combustible materials and sealed airtight with a lid. The reduction of oxygen stops the flames and produces smoke, which permeates the clay body and the glazed surfaces.

ACC Exhibitions: Golden Edge (2013)