Michael J.C. Holton

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

"I design to show how seemingly divergent elements can fit together and get along just fine. I also aim to make pieces that people relate to, both aesthetically and emotionally. It is a pleasure to be able to create beautiful good quality work. I am a professional furniture designer/maker from Calgary, Alberta. In addition to commissions and gallery work, I also teach evening furniture making classes out of the studio".

Michael J.C. Holton's (Calgary, AB) interest in craftsmanship and woodworking began during his high school years. He subsequently excelled while attending the Fine Woodworking Program in Nelson, British Columbia. He created Joseph Carlyle Designs in 2000, a fine furniture studio based in Calgary, Alberta. The name is derived from his middle names, in honor of his grandfathers.

ACC Exhibitions: Outside the Box (2006), For the Love of Craft (2010), GenY (2011), Furnish (2014)