Calgary Craft Weekend
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 10:33AM

Calgary has a great craft community and this is further demonstrated through the support of attendees to the various craft shows popping up this festive season.  The Alberta Craft Council (ACC) staff regularly travel to create the window displays for Art Market but this year it was our goal to take in some more craft sales.  Arriving in Calgary last Sunday we were treated to a warm winter’s day and loads of craft eye candy.

Ceramic artists Mindy Andrews and Lisa McGrathWe made our way to the Triwood Community League for the “Handmade Here” Christmas Sale.  Upon entering the space we were filled with awe at the wares of the 25 very talented artists showing jewellery, prints, paintings, sculpture, fibre work, ceramics, blown glass and carved wood.  Jill Nuckles has organized this craft sale for the past seven years which first began at her home.  It was fantastic to see the comradely between the artists... seeing vendors wearing eachother’s work and Jennea Frischke a couple booths away from her former Alberta College of Art + Design professor Joan Irvin.  We were also excited to see the work of our members outside of the exhibitions, like “Pulp Paper Pages” artist Susan Kristoferson who hand decorates her own paper for your own use or turned into jewellery.  Mindy Andrew’s and Lisa McGrath’s booth gave us a sneak-peek to their upcoming Discovery Gallery installation “Tails from a Rejuvenated Forest” (August 3 – September 7, 2013).  I hope everyone will be able to make it out next year to experience this amazing sale.

HJewellery artist Jennea Frischkeandmade Here Vendors:
Tracy Wharton, Nicole Tremblay, Linda Cote, Cindy Plomp, Lisa McGrath, Diana Fox, Joan Irvin, Janice McDonald, Jennea Frischke, Barbara Rumberger, Anna Bilek, Connie Copper, Steve Pulvermacher, Jil McMahon Bazant, Angela Reas, Susanah Windrum, Eve deMoissac, Mindy Andrews, Jill Nuckles, Denly Smyth, Anne Ormerod, Susan Kristoferson, Karen Scarlett, Tiffany Teske, Cheryl Peddie

To learn more about this Artist Collective and their sales visit their Facebook fanpage Handmade Here


Tim Belliveau begins the glass blowing demonstrationWe rushed over to Bee Kingdom’s Studio Sale to take in some glass demonstrations and pieces.  On a residential street in Northwest Calgary you will find the home of Bee Kingdom.  We followed the path to the backyard where the light of the studio shone through the garage windows.  Walking through the door we were happily greeted by warmth of the kiln and the Bees: Ryan Marsh Fairweather, Tim Belliveau, Phillip Bandura and Kai Georg Scholefield.  Tim expertly led the demonstration by creating a Venetian vase while the Phil provided a comedic backdrop.  It was amazing to see the Bees work together… a killer combination of technique with a visible joy for what they do.  Moving on to the home we found it bursting with the Bee’s Christmas balls and glass sculptures all for sale at the Bee Kingdom studiowork, both collaborative and individual.  Colourful glass pieces lined the shelves and filled the windows while a land whale looked up at me saying “please take me home”.  The ACC is very excited as we get to see more of their work this spring in our Feature Gallery for the “Bee Kingdom” exhibition (April 6 – July 2, 2013).  We were sad to leave such a joyful place but are sure to return once I have allocated a space to bring back a whale.

To learn more about Bee Kingdom, their sales, classes and exhibitions visit their website


ACC Art Market display featuring stone sculpture by Loretta KyleDowntown Calgary we find Art Market.  Art Market is always such a professionally managed craft sale and one can see why it has attracted so many talented artists.  Marlene Loney began Art Market in 1986 where it has grown from just forty tables to a full house of over two hundred Canadian craftspeople.  ''Art Market has come a long ways in 26 years," says Marlene. "We used to present mainly hobbyists.  It's exciting to see the professional artisans we present nowadays. Really high-quality work, really skilled craftspeople."  The past four years the ACC has had a physical presence first with a small exhibition and now filling the convention centre’s display windows with our members’ work.  The fantastic aspect of Art Market is that it brings artists from across the province and Canada for the Calgary shopper.  Calgary artist Gillian Hillerud showed her minimalist and modern jewellery pieces while a across the hall Edmonton artist Amy Skrocki presented her ornate jewellery and metal work.  Veteran Art Market vendor, Diane Sullivan, has participated since 1996 and now makes the trip from her home in Williamsburg Ontario.  The variety of work featured in Art Market is always impressive, you are sure to find something for everyone on your Christmas list.

If you want to learn more about Art Market please visit their website

Art Market Vendors (ACC members):
Darcy Gusse-Edinga, Gillian Hillerud, Loretta Kyle, Linda McBain Cuyler, Laura Sharp, Amy Skrocki, Janet Stein, Diane Sullivan, Urban Forest Design (Christian D. Barr & Enzien Kufeld), Kari Woo, Simon Wroot

There are always a variety of craft and studio sales going on around Alberta. To find a sale please visit our Alberta Craft Events & Shows page

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