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Easy to discover visual treasures in a walk around downtown Edmonton

Right Brain/Left Brain (detail) by Barbara Rumberger“Treat The Works as a treasure hunt,” says Dawn Saunders Dahl, director of programs and marketing for The Works Art & Design Festival. The treasures she’s referring to are the unique, one-of-kind art gems on display until July 3. With 31 sites boasting great art, the best way to see it is to set off on an urban walkabout.

A good starting point is City Hall, where Margie Davidson’s knitted scarf in the City Room West measures a year, one stitch at a time. “Obsession,” in the City Room East, is a group exhibition showcasing the talents of six elite artisans. “Obsession is defined as the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire,” says Calgary curator/artist, Jill Nuckles. “For myself and the other artists in this exhibition, obsession reveals itself in unique and thought provoking ways.” Nuckles was interested in artists’ obsessive or compulsive approaches to material, technique and repetition. Five Calgary artists [ Joan Irvin, Jill Nuckles, Natali Rodrigues, Barbara Rumberger and Susan Thorpe] and one Edmontonian, Laura O’Connor, collectively tell the visual story of obsession".

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Article written by Janice Ryan for the Edmonton Journal

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