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Tips for Businesses Participating in Festivals or Events

With the arrival of festival and event season and the much anticipated centennial celebration of the Calgary Stampede (July 6-15, 2012), Alberta is bustling with loads of energy and many opportunities to promote your business. In Calgary, the Calgary Stampede offers small businesses an opportunity to showcase and sell their products and services to millions of visitors at "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth". In addition to the Calgary Stampede, check out Alberta events and festivals to identify which events would be a good fit for your business to participate in!
Consider these tips when participating at festivals or events:

1) Define your client: Research to ensure that your businesses clients will likely attend the event.
2) Analyze your marketing strategy: Understand your product or service, pricing, why the festival was chosen as a venue, and effective promotion strategies.

3) Ask a lot of questions: Contact the festival or event organizers and inquire about the space available, the space cost, and the equipment provided (tables, televisions, electrical hook-ups...etc.)

4) Know your budget: Realistically how many events can your business participate in? Know what it will cost to showcase your products or services in an appealing and professional manner to get the results you desire.
5) Understand the event goal: Know what the business hopes to accomplish at the festival or event. Is your company looking to build a contact list, obtain client information, gain product awareness, sell a certain number of units, or generate a certain number of sales leads? Defining your targets will let you know when you have achieved your goals.

6) Follow up with leads: After all the hard work placed in contacting clients; make sure to follow up after the festival or event.

7) Reflect on achievements: Examine whether your business was able to accomplish the goals set out for the event. Determine if the event was a good investment and if the business will participate again next year.
This summer, have a great festival and event season!

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