Less than two weeks until St. Albert City Council decides the fate of Arts & Heritage
Monday, August 13, 2012 at 10:08AM
albertacraftcouncil in Arts Advocacy

"Thanks to many of you who have taken the time to visit our website and to leave comments of support as the Arts and Heritage Foundation waits to see if it is to be voted out of existence by St. Albert's City Council on August 27th.

There are many strong arguments which speak to why community based delivery is the best approach to what we do. It is also our firmly held opinion that we deliver programs and services in a more cost effective manner and that it is not in fact the role of Municipal Government to be in the 'direct delivery' business when it comes to programs in the cultural sector.

Our website comments section is now live and updated on a daily basis; if you feel moved to leave a comment of support please visit the link below.


Only your first name is required and we will only post comments with your permission. You can also find contact information for the Mayor and Council if you wish to share your thoughts with them. (You will need to scroll down to see the form and to read comments from others). If you have left a comment you might find it interesting to read what others are saying.


We know that at the end of the day communications from our friends and supporters will be critical to influencing votes of support on City Council.

Please take a few minutes to help a small arts organization that does amazing work".


Paul Moulton
Executive Director
Arts & Heritage St. Albert

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