Member Linda McBain Cuyler interviewed for upcoming exhibition
Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 12:16PM
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Linda McBain Cuyler, photo taken by Chris ColbournePatterns of Places: Featuring the works of Linda McBain Cuyler, Linda J. Hawke and Pam Weber
Art Gallery of St. Albert - September 6 - 29

Linda McBain Cuyler is the first to admit that she has more than just a passing fancy for landscapes, and not just in the artistic sense. She always tries for the window seat when she flies and she has a bit of a thing for maps.

"I like maps. My mom always was driving so I always read the map," she said, remembering her early experiences with reading the passing landscape... I think my first word I learned to read was vacancy. 'No vacancy!' 'Vacancy!' she said, recalling how she used to exclaim at the sight of hotel signs.

Cuyler's current artistic works reflect a love of the landscape, both the traditional horizontal perspective seen from the ground and the overhead view of the prairies divided into sections of farmland, intersected by rivers and other natural features.

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Written by Scott Hayes for the St. Albert Gazette

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