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Participating artists: Nicole Baxter, Linda Chow, Robin Dupont, Milt Fischbein, Matt Gould, Terry Hildebrand, Brad Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Diane Krys, Darren Petersen, Jean-Claude and Talar Prefontaine, Shona Rae and Simon Wroot.

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This Just In: Artist’s glass hearts aren’t meant to be broken on Valentine’s Day  

"Edmonton artist Keith Walker has some hot Valentine’s Day ideas up his sleeve. He’s created blown glass hearts, swirling with pinks and reds and whites, that are now available at Sabrina Butterfly Designs Boutique (6421 112th Ave.), Tix on The Square and The Alberta Craft Council Shop (10186 106th St.).

Like all hearts these, too, are breakable, so make sure to give them away to someone special."

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Written by By Amanda Ash and Marta Gold, Edmonton Journal
Originally published January 31, 2013


Kudo: Janet Grabner

Janet Grabner with a clay mural that she just finished for Three Hills School in Alberta. The finished size is 12 ft x 8 feet. This is Janet's third mural. All 500 staff and students decorated a tile with their name. Janet glazed, fired the tiles and mounted them on the wall. The mural was created for the towns 100 year anniversary.


Kudo: Matt Gould

Matt Gould alongside his piece at the opening reception of "Boxed In" at the The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery in St Johns, Newfoundland (January 26 - April 14).


Previews and Profiles -Barbara Tipton 

Lime Shift, 2007

"Calgary artist Barbara Tipton approaches her work like a scientist and a historian, using a laborious process based on research and experimentation. A ceramicist for three decades, her non-functional sculptural creations - particularly her clever deconstructions of cups and saucers - engage larger art-world debate about the status of craft and the precious object. "

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Originally published in the Spring 2013 issue of Galleries West written by Heather Setka


Passion for prairie pioneer crafts revives the lowly doily

Marta Gold, Edmonton Journal, profiled Edmonton fibre artist Letisha McFall.

"Pity the poor doily: first decades spent soaking up hair grease and palm sweat from the backs and arms of chesterfields or buffering ashtrays and knick-knacks from scratching polished woods. Then mothballed in closets or worse, dumped at thrift shops by a modern generation embracing furniture made of leather and veneer.

As a child of the 1950s, Letisha McFall rejected the doilies of her mother and grandmother. Like her peers, she saw them as the epitome of old-fashioned, outmoded ideas of women’s work, the ultimate in fussy, useless frippery."

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Originally published January 24, 2013