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Participating artists: Nicole Baxter, Linda Chow, Robin Dupont, Milt Fischbein, Matt Gould, Terry Hildebrand, Brad Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Diane Krys, Darren Petersen, Jean-Claude and Talar Prefontaine, Shona Rae and Simon Wroot.

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Lewton-Brain Foldform Award Competition Winners Announced

The winning entries for the inaugural Lewton-Brain Foldform Award Competition 2012 have been announced at the final day of the 5th annual Lewton-Brain Conference in Florida New York, about 60 miles north of New York City. Charles Lewton-Brain announced the winners of the competition at closing ceremonies August 6, 2012, at the Center for Metal Arts. First Place honors go to Rauni Higson (Talysarn, Caernarfon, U.K.) with her entry “Undersea Candelabra”. Second Place winner is Theresa Nguyen (Birmingham, U.K.) with her entry “Spiritus”. Third Place goes to Kaiya Rainbolt (San Francisco, USA) with “Quadrant”. A fourth prize of Honorable Mention was created by the judges to recognize the entry by Grant McCaig (London, U.K.) with “Pleated Silver Drinking Set on Ebonised Base”.

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Opera Boutique  

Local craft artists are making it possible for opera patrons to take home memories of the 2012/2013 season mainstage performances, thanks to the partnership between the Edmonton Opera and the Alberta Craft Council. After a successful Opera Coat Project a few years ago, the Edmonton Opera and the Alberta Craft Council have partnered again for the Opera Art Project, where artists will create opera-specific pieces as it relates to their medium.

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Less than two weeks until St. Albert City Council decides the fate of Arts & Heritage

"Thanks to many of you who have taken the time to visit our website and to leave comments of support as the Arts and Heritage Foundation waits to see if it is to be voted out of existence by St. Albert's City Council on August 27th. There are many strong arguments which speak to why community based delivery is the best approach to what we do. It is also our firmly held opinion that we deliver programs and services in a more cost effective manner and that it is not in fact the role of Municipal Government to be in the 'direct delivery' business when it comes to programs in the cultural sector.

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Slide Share: Packing and Shipping Advice for Artists

Slide Share is an online resource that allows users to share presentations, documents and professional videos. Many informative presentations can be found on this site. Here are a few that are especially beneficial to artists and crafts people:

• Originally presented at the SNAG 2012 Professional Development Seminar, Leila Hamdam offers shipping advice to artists and makers.
• This step-by-step tutorial by Harriete Estel Berman shows how to make a reusable custom box for shipping one-of-a-kind artwork or craft.
• Design your work for shipping from the very beginning for safe travels. In this presentation, you will see the unpacking of a custom made shipping box for a sculpture, and how the work was designed for shipping.


Zilberschmuck's tips on Jewellery Care and Cleaning 

Being in the jewellery business over the years I have heard many stories regarding lost, stolen and damaged jewellery. Although I can’t help you find your lost or stolen jewellery here are a few tips for keeping what you have looking its best. Some of what you’ll be reading may seem like common sense to most people but it warrants being said to encourage those that take chances to reconsider before it costs them in the end.

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