Grethe Jensen

Grethe Jensen (Kaleden, BC) strives to express her creativity and to work in the medium of straw. She has researched the history, traditions and methods of wheat weaving. Grethe is a self-taught artist and works with other wheat weavers to keep this art form alive. She has conducted experiments with growing different varieties of grain for its suitability to wheat weaving.

Ancient peoples believed that a grain goddess lived in the fields. To insure a good bounty for the following year’s harvest, good luck “dollies” – a corruption of the word ‘idol’ – were woven together from the last grains of the harvest. In spring, their seeds were the first sown, transferring fertility back to the fields.

Grethe Jensen cultivates this ancient tradition by weaving her Durum wheat into inventive house blessings – symbols of health, good luck and prosperity. Displayed prominently, these “blessings” are said to bring health, wealth and all things good to their lucky owners.

ACC Exhibitions: THIRTY (2010)