Kenton Jeske

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

“Woodworker. Like many before me I enjoy the honesty and simplicity of that word. I build solid hardwood furniture with design aimed at “living with”. Living with furniture means it’s used - taken care of for sure - but used! Furnishings built of solid hardwood allow for this. There will be marks to show for our life lived with lasting things, and that’s good. Hardwoods finished with oil will develop a patina with time and years of use; this beauty doesn’t happen overnight. I see furniture as objects of beauty to hold a quiet place in our home, not distracting but inviting.” – Kenton Jeske (Edmonton, AB)

In 2007 Kenton learned the foundations of furniture making and woodworking at N.A.I.T. (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). Following that year he was hired on at a local design and production furniture studio, with whom he has worked in varying degrees over the years.

In 2010 Kenton and his family moved to a home where he obtained the necessities of a small shop. There he began working out designs, studying and teaching himself the craft. Since then Kenton has been commissioned to build the furniture that comprises his gallery of work.