Christina Koscielnuk

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Christina Koscielnuk (Redwater, AB) is of Ukrainian heritage and keeping alive the centuries old Slavic tradition of egg painting.

Christina began decorating and painting “pysankas” at a young age and has perfected her skills. The pysankas are decorated using a wax resist technique most commonly known today. The designs are drawn on the egg with melted beeswax following basic design principals conforming to the natural contours of the egg. The drawing is done on successively different colored backgrounds, which are produced by dipping the egg in a series of dye baths. The beautiful and intricate polychromatic patterns are revealed when the wax layers are removed.

In her art, Christina employs all the traditional motifs – geometric, plant and animal with the characteristic colours to form total design concepts. In turn, her work is a treasure of symbolic meaning and interpretation.

ACC Exhibitions: THIRTY (2010)