Susan Kristoferson

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Susan Kristoferson (Calgary, AB) received a Bachelor of Arts with Teaching Certification in 1975 from the University of Texas, Austin, TX. Susan later obtained a Master of Fine Arts, Textiles, in 1980 at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. She has taught at various levels of education from primary and secondary schools to instruction at numerous post-secondary institutions, she is currently teaching for “Learning Thru the Arts” and the ‘EPCOR Arts Learning Program’ in Calgary, Alberta.

Susan is very involved with the paper and book arts community and is the is past-chair of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) Calgary Chapter. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

"I create with paper because of its physical characteristics. It can be stiff yet pliable, can absorb or repel dye and can be delicate and strong. When I sew it together is does not stretch or ravel and it has some three dimensionality. Paper can be so many different things; it always yields something new to me."

ACC Exhibitions: Pulp Paper Pages (2012), Golden Edge (2013), Hanji (2014), Continuum (2014)