Mike Lam

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Mike Lam (Edmonton, AB) is the designer behind Mike Lam Design Inc., an eco-friendly boutique furniture company founded in 2012.

He was born in Hong Kong and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mike’s creativity is strongly impacted by his dual heritage, his curiosity about nature, and his need for human connection. His designs express his ability to bridge and to transform the different aesthetic values of east and west, creating furniture that is unique and emotionally accessible.

Mike’s professional training began with a degree focusing on industrial design at the University of Alberta. The formal art and design training gave him the tools to represent his love of nature and beauty, reflected in his choice of woods and the simplicity of form evident in his designs.

Mike wants his furniture to connect with people on multiple levels. His design philosophy is that form meets emotion. Each design is stripped down to its emotional core. Mike believes a beautiful design is a visual symphony that speaks to our eyes, our heart, and our spirit.

ACC Exhibitions: Furnish (2014), #ABCRAFT (2016)