Joan Matsusaki

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Joan Matsusaki (Bragg Creek, AB) has a Fine Art Degree from the University of Guelph and a Ceramics Certificate from Sir Sanford Fleming College and has been potting since 1999. Her pots begin with thrown forms which are altered by adding sculptural, textural and lineal elements. This creates works that are not only functional but also give the essence of a landscape.

Her influences come from many different sources - but most significantly, she is inspired by forms found in nature. To allow for the carvings found on the altered works, Joan's carved forms are more traditional in shape with simple lines and flat surfaces.

Joan makes work that is conducive to firing in a wood kiln. Wood firing requires 2 cords of wood and 12 hours of coaxing and tending the fire... she likes the intimacy of this. Currently, Joan resides in the foothills south of Bragg Creek and works out of her home studio.

"My pots are about uniting design and function. Clay challenges my artistic process like no other medium I know and there are endless challenges to take on."