Heather Matwe

Heather Matwe (Vancouver, BC) considers herself a multi-disciplined artist. Her work ranges from jewellery and metal work to painting. Born and raised in Calgary, her upbringing was infused with nature and its minutia, a theme that reoccurs in her work. After graduating from Alberta College of Art + Design’s Jewellery and Metals program in 2001, Heather and her husband cycled through Western Europe, experiencing the landscape and cultures. Influenced by some of the great masters of art history and the environment around her, she uses her artwork to invoke a sense of awe and beauty in the viewer or in some cases, the wearer.

“Currently my work has found expression within the details of the natural world. There is a repetition of the forms found in nature, the veined intricacy of leaves, the rough texture of tree bark, and the smooth, flowing forms of water washing against trees and rocks. Through the metals and the process used to create, I try to simultaneously capture and explore the living aspects of nature. From the weight and strength of the metal, I feel the solidity and permanence of nature’s eternal cycles. From the simplicity of lines and patterns found in each form, I find my inspiration. My goal is to recreate the vibrant living essence of nature in eternal metals to be preserved for all time.”

ACC Exhibitions: Sparks! (2006)