Ron Maunder

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

With a background in the study of the Environment (Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Alberta in 1994) Ron Maunder (St. Albert, AB) designs reflect his love of the natural environment. He has combined his environmental awareness with creating jewellery by taking Jewellery Art & Design at the Vancouver Community College in 1996. Ron has built a reputation for his distinctive designs and his work has been included in juried exhibitions across Canada.

Each one of us is deeply influenced by the environment that surrounds us, both natural and man-made. In my work I attempt to reflect my love of nature with its many tones and textures: while never forgetting the beauty and complexity found in our man-made environment, where flawless perfection is sought. This is my passion. I work with sterling silver, gold and platinum. My goal is to create with integrity while never compromising on the quality of a design.

ACC Exhibitions: Adorn & Protect (2003); Body Ornament West (2005)