Mynthia McDaniel

Mynthia McDaniel is a ceramic artist based in Calgary. She creates most of her forms using the wheel, sometimes altering the pieces to create the pleasing lines indicative of her work. Most pieces undergo 3 different firings: bisque, glaze and then a final firing to apply the gold or platinum lustre. Mynthia is very conscious of the experience the user has when they touch her work and to achieve her ultra-smooth and soft surfaces, she sands each piece with a very fine grit sandpaper until they are velvety to the touch.

Mynthia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in both printmaking and ceramics and has exhibited locally and internationally. Her main passion after pottery is travel and whenever possible she will find a way to combine the two. In 2015 Mynthia completed a two-month residency at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan and a short residency at the Ćesky Porcelán factory in the Czech Republic.


ACC Exhibitions: Coming Up Next (2010), X3 (2016), Get a Handle on It (2016)