Susan McKay

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

“For me, the creation of glass mosaics is an exciting artistic process that is steeped in a little mystery and uncertainty. Applying grout thickly over glued pieces of glass shrouds the image, and as I remove the grout and sponge the glass clean, the underlying design is unveiled. The grout ties the many colours together into a successful image, while at the same time allowing the colors to pop and stand on their own”.

Susan McKay is an Edmonton artist who enjoys exploring colour and light in landscape and floral scenes using impressionistic mosaic glass work. While enjoying a career in healthcare management, she has always loved visual art. As part of a family of art collectors and talented artists, Susan follows Canadian artists and artisans with great interest. Inspired by her sister Gail’s talent and by the gift of her brushes after her death in 2008, Susan began her own artistic journey and exploration of painting and, more recently, impressionistic glass mosaics. Taking advantage of courses, and enrolling in the Visual Arts Certificate at University of Alberta, Susan is keen to explore the world and to express herself with art during her retirement.