Dan Miller

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Dan Miller (Edmonton, AB) has been a potter since 1970 and has studied with Naburo Kubo and David Green.  For 18 years he taught art at Harry Ainley High School and recently left teaching to pursue his own artistic endeavours.

Dan makes primarily thrown, functional pottery that emphasized elegant form, craftsmanship and decorative surfaces.  Themes that keep appearing are leaves, trees and birds.  He uses a stoneware clay from Medicine Hat and decorate with carved (fluted) designs inspired by patterns found in nature, in keeping with his Alberta roots.

I taught students that the first thing to look at in a pot was the bottom, for this told you everything you need to know about the craftsmanship and attitude of its maker.

ACC Exhibitions: Potworks (2013), Continuum (2014), Language of Craft (2015), The Recipients (2017)