Soma Mo

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Edmonton jewellery artist Soma Mo was born and raised in the Himalayan Mountains bordering China and Tibet. Breaking traditional conventions, Soma is among the only female artists in her tribe, Yi, practicing the craft of jewellery making. Every year, Soma returns to her village to continue her study under her master/teacher who mentors her growth as an artist, helping her to hone her skills and teaching her new techniques.

Soma’s designs are a mix of modern sensibilities with traditional cultural influences. Her asymmetrical designs reference the balance that can be found in uniting the traditional methods taught to her by her master, with her own youthful and contemporary ideals. For instance in her tribe, traditionally, silver pieces would be worn through the stretched ear lobe. Inspired by these pieces, Soma will take these elements and integrate them as pendants in some of her strung neckpieces.

All her pieces are hand-crafted, using only a set of small traditional handmade tools (no electric tools or torches). She uses 99% grade silver and a variety of stones and semiprecious elements including amber, lapis, rose quartz, citrine, coral, olive jade, Bodhi seeds and freshwater pearls.


ACC Exhibitions: Coming Up Next (2015)