Jill Nuckles

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Jill Nuckles (Calgary, AB) received her Bachelor of Fine Arts as a sculpture major from the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary in 1999. She describes her felted pieces as unique whimsical and humorous, and finds something very gratifying about creating small, precious objects – something delicate, but durable.

"I am drawn to natural materials and the ancient traditional processes that are a part of our human experience. Ever since my childhood, growing up in the country north of Edmonton, I have had a passion for textures found in nature."

Felting is one of the oldest forms of craft, having both functional and decorative roots. Jill uses barbed felting needles to shape the wool into her creative characters and uses wools that are produced in the Calgary area.

ACC Exhibitions: In the RED (2011), Obsession (2012), Trophies for the Ranchland (2014)