Darmaris Oakley

Damaris Oakley (Nanaimo, BC) explores and documents the world around her through glass, which, in her own estimation has it all:  colour, dimension, clarity and reflection.  She creates flame-worked glass beads and combines  them with hand fabricated sterling silver components to transform each combination into her signature jewellery line.  Primarily a self-taught artist, Damaris has spent many hours exploring,  practicing and perfecting new torching techniques all the while discovering new colour reactions with this fascinating art form.  

Inspiration for her beads come from the west coast landscape - specifically, the ocean at low tide, bright and vibrant flowers in the spring, and the contrasting and changing colours of the fall season.  Her BA degree in history/art history has provided Damaris with a vast understanding of the many art movements recognized throughout history and the resulting art forms and styles that have evolved through the ages.  These inspirations present Damaris with endless stimulation to explore colour, shape, and movement while challenging her responses to visual elements and contrasts.  Each bead she creates is a fusion of these elements making them distinctive, signature and the foundation of her jewellery designs.