Tammy Parks-Legge

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Tammy Parks-Legge (Stony Plain, AB) has been working in clay since 1997. She has continued to take classes and workshops any chance that she can. Her functional and decorative pottery is fired in several types of kilns: wood, electric, and natural gas. She has built her own crossdraft woodfire kiln and finds it absolutely fascinating!

Unlike an electric kiln, the woodfire process takes a tremendous amount of time and energy as you must remain with the kiln constantly for 12 to 46 hours. The results are both stunning and fascinating with flashes of pink, bronze and gold. A woodfired piece tells a tale about where it was placed in the kiln and where the flames have kissed it. Each piece becomes a unique item as it is defined by the fire and flames.

Inspiration comes to Tammy in many different ways; from her surroundings, a certain texture, colour or shape as well as working, meeting and sharing ideas with other potters. But her biggest inspiration comes from meeting the folks that buy and enjoy her work. With each new piece she expresses her love for nature and life itself with whimsical drawings or painted flowers.

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ACC Exhibitions: Mugs & Jugs (2003), For the Love of Craft (2010), x3 (2016)