Sarah Pike

Sarah Pike makes pots in Fernie, British Colombia - a sweet little ski town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Sarah studied at the Alberta College of Art + Design, the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis with talented and inspiring artists along the way.

I am interested in pottery with personality, beauty, and attitude. The marks of process, the slight distortion or off-round from a gentle hand, or the fingerprints on glaze and slip are all a part of the language with which my pots exclaim, “I was not machine-made, I was not mass-produced, I was made by fingers and hands, in a small studio, by an artist listening to music, dreaming and making.” Because in a time of mass-production, consumer culture and waste, the handmade object brings us back to the intimacy of human nature.

ACC Exhibitions: Furnish (2014), Caffeine (2014)