Kathryn Ransom

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Kathryn Ransom (Calgary, AB) is fascinated by clay more than any other material because of its simplicity as well as its endless possibilities. Fabric and fabric construction, lace, leaves, flowers, colorful glass & fibres are all materials that have a great deal of appeal and use all of them to create designs in the clay.

Slab work, wheel work, and altered wheel thrown techniques are used when constructing her pieces. Most functional, designed to be used, but also enjoyed visually, when not in use.

Kathryn also appreciates a sense of humour, inner strength, constancy and strong convictions and strive for these in her personal life as she lives with a neuromuscular disorder as well as breast cancer. “I’d like to think that these qualities are present in my work and will call to people who recognize them or have a need for a reminder in their lives.”

ACC Exhibitions: Potworks (2013), x3 (2016)