Brenda Raynard

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Brenda Raynard is an Edmonton artist originally from Stettler, Alberta. Her small-town northern prairie roots are where her affinity for humble, homely items was born and it is this view of the world that informs her work as much as her formal education. From 1992-2004 she earned a BA in English & Anthropology, a BFA in Painting & Drawing, and a MLIS in Librarianship all from the University of Alberta and each degree is as key to her artistic practice as the next.

Not one to celebrate the rose at its blushing peak, Brenda searches for the beauty in the detritus and decay of life and familiar, forgotten or overlooked objects. Working from an introvert’s perspective Brenda’s preferred palette is quiet, muted, and understated.

Most recently, Brenda Raynard’s creative research has focused on her 21 KONSTRUKTIONS, a series of twenty-one images based on bas relief sculptures she built out of common construction and household materials. The meticulous, prescriptive, compulsive nature of cross-stitch perfectly aligns with Brenda’s creative spirit. It works in tandem with her gestural, uninhibited studio practice by reinterpreting her works into structured patterns that satisfy her need for order and predictability.

It’s not accidental that her master’s degree is in librarianship and that she’s found a way to meld that profession with the freeform, expressive sensibility of a fine arts education.

ACC Exhibitions: Coming Up Next (2013), 21 KONSTRUKTIONS (2014)