Dana Roman

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

For the last 40 years Dana Roman has been constantly experimenting with finding the new ways to paint on silk. She creates wall pieces where she combines her skills in silk painting with her knowledge of traditional textile art like batik, rozome, shibori, quilting, crochet, knotting, and felting. In Dana’s work one will always discover something that has not yet been said or seen.

Dana earned her architecture and engineering degree at the Technical University in Prague and worked as an architect for 10 years. In 1978 Dana established her textile art business ‘Artacious’ in Toronto and she designed and painted silk fabrics and art wear, selling to stores across North America. Dana became a member of the Alberta Craft Council in 1998 after she moved from Toronto to Canmore.

Dana has won many awards for her artwork, including the Kroma Award at “Painting on the Edge” - an international exhibition organized by the Federation of Canadian Artists-, the first prize in the professional division at Silk Painters International in Washington. She also received two `Best Product Awards` at Toronto Gift Show (for her painted silk fashion). Dana has continued her education at the Ontario College of Art, Alberta College of Art and Vancouver Island School of Art.

 ACC Exhibitions: Devonian (2001), AB Seen (2002), Creative Spirit (2002), Devonian II (2002), All About Alberta (2005), The Nominees (2005), inSERIES (2006), All About Alberta II (2006), Drawing From Nature (2009), Love of Craft (2010), Language of Craft (2015), Along the Bow (2016), Crafting Consciousness (2016), Along the Bow II (2017), Process; thinking through (2018), Beyond the Bow (2018), Natural Abstraction (2019)