Dena Seiferling

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Dena Seiferling has lived in Calgary since 1995 – the year she began her education at the Alberta College of Art + Design. She graduated with a BFA and Visual Communications Degree in 1999 and then began her freelance career as an illustrator. Years later, she began looking for ways to give life to the characters and narratives from her sketchbook in a three-dimensional form. This is when she discovered, and fell in love with, the art of needle felting. Using raw wool and a variety of other materials, Dena translates her ideas into sculptures and dioramas. She has branded this artwork under the moniker, Pickle & Francois.

Dena resides in Calgary with her husband and two children. She enjoys sharing her knowledge at ACAD where she is an instructor.


ACC Exhibitions: Coming Up Next (2015)