Sandi Skakun

Sandi Skakun (Edmonton, AB) started potting with the Edmonton Potters Guild in the early 1970s. Initially working with wheel-thrown functional pottery, she gradually became more and more focused on small handworks creating jewellery, figurines, ornaments, buttons and other decorations. Popular items have been ceramic bells including the “12 Days of Christmas”, Angel Bells, and Baba Bells. Her work has been marketed in gift boutiques and gallery shops throughout Canada.

Drawing heavily on nature, she has created patterns in her work using sea shells, rocks, wood and similar natural tools. She also seeks inspiration from Ukrainian tradition as embroidery patterns, and other features, which she incorporates into Easter egg holders and Baba Christmas bells.

Working from her studio in Edmonton, all her work is individually shaped by hand. She uses a variety of clays and glazes in her work and fires in an electric kiln to achieve the desired effect.