Darlene Storgeoff

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Glass bead making has been described by some bead makers as a “zen-like” experience, a sentiment Darlene Storgeoff (Edmonton, AB) takes to heart.

For Darlene, time stands still while working at the torch. Trained as a medical laboratory technologist and working in a very busy histology lab, Darlene finds the hectic pace of life is forgotten while bead making. The wonderment of the bead making process continues past the torch… a whole new experience is to be had the next day when opening the kiln.

“I love the shapes and colours of the glass. If it is a fish, or animal that I’ve made, it’s the twinkle in an eye or the curve of the lips. Glass bead making is a wonderful thing!”
Darlene has participated in a number of juried exhibitions and is currently a member of the International Society of Glass Bead Makers.