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Farewell, Tom

Join us in wishing retiring Alberta Craft Council Executive Director Tom McFall well in his retirement. Read on for well wishes from Tom's collegues and friends. To leave your own stories, memories and best wishes for Tom visit here. This page will be continually updated over the next weeks with new submissions.


"In all the time that I’ve been involved with the ACC [since 1999], the excitement, energy, and the very good work that the ACC does has been directed and led by Tom. He’s a consummate advocate and has turned into a true elder statesman of craft not just in Alberta, but for all of Canada.

In the time that I’ve been on the ACC board [since 2000], Tom and the staff have repeatedly proven themselves to be leaders amongst other Provincial Arts Service Organizations, and among other Provincial and Territorial Craft Councils as well.  Having a steady hand, making very considered judgements, always keeping the interests of members first and foremost, are elements that have not gone unnoticed amongst Tom’s peers.  A keen interest in history and traditional work practices, an excellent eye for design, and an unfailing talent for bringing in the exact right consultant or connection when it’s needed, are also Tom’s hallmarks. The ACC has benefitted immensely from Tom’s extensive network, often placing our organization at the forefront of projects, and building in innovation.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with Tom McFall, and I know I speak for many people when I say that we’ll miss him after his retirement."

- Tara Owen, Chair, Alberta Craft Council


"I have had so much contact with Tom over the last 15 or so years, it is hard to cite one particular project or moment that stands out.  I have collaborated with Tom on boards, studies, campaigns and consistently sought his perspective on the issues of the day. I can say, without reservation, that Tom is a unique blend of visionary and detail oriented producer. And he’s an artist with an artist’s discipline and love of beauty. When he gets an idea or his position established, he is tenacious. If anyone ever thought Tom McFall would compromise his values or forget about things and withdraw from the debate, they are mistaken." 

- John Mahon, now retired Executive Director, Edmonton Arts Council


"Tom has been a tireless and articulate advocate for arts and culture in Alberta. He has been engaged with the Alberta Partners for Arts and Culture, the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton, and countless other organizations and initiatives. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and we will miss his incredible knowledge and passion when he leaves Edmonton."

- Carol Holmes, now retired Executive Director, Book Publishers Association of Alberta


"Every time I see a notice of Tom’s impending departure from the Alberta Craft Council I get a lump in my throat! Tom has not only made an indelible mark (really a statue) on the ACC, but he has so many other accomplishments in Alberta, and indeed in Canada that carry his name.

Of course, I probably know him best in connection with the CCF/FCMA (Canadian Crafts Federation). His involvement with the Federation from Day One added inestimable strength and credibility to a new and still shaky national coalition. With Tom on board I knew we were going to make it!

Tom will be leaving ACC in blaze of glory with a strong branch of the organization successfully launched in Calgary. I know this has been the result of a huge effort on his part. Craft in Alberta will now be much stronger."

- Robert Jekyll, Founding President of the CCF/FCMA


"I first met Tom McFall in a small town called Wonju in Korea. It was when he participated in the Hanji Festival held in Wonju with the artists of the Alberta Craft Council. In 2015, artists from the Wonju Hanji Cultural Center went to Canada with the invitation from the Alberta Craft Council. I stayed at his house for a week. Thanks to his efforts, Hanji artists from Wonju got to know the Alberta Craft Council and had a good impression of Edmonton, Calgary, and Canada. He leaves the Alberta Craft Council but his legacy will remain. I wish him luck in his future. I hope that the artists of Wonju stays in his memory for a long time."

Kang Bum hee, Director of Wonju Hanji Cultural Center


"Many are the times that I have been thankful to have Tom McFall on the other end of a teleconference or sitting across the table at a project planning meeting.  Full of experience and always generous in offering advice and assistance, Tom has been a professional colleague of value.  We’ve worked together on projects and shared thoughts on any number of craft related topics – sometimes in person, often on the phone or by email.  I feel fortunate to have known and worked with Tom.  He’s been a great friend to me and to craft in Canada.  Best wishes, Tom. I hope that this next stage in life treats you well."
Anne Manuel, now retired Executive Director, Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador


Tom’s involvement with the Craft Organization Development Association (CODA) in the USA stands as a pivotal strategic direction that brought awareness of the craft community in Canada to the United States and further afield. It also helped in solidifying relationships in the USA, when we, as Canadian organizations could say we are members of a well-known American organization.  Tom was successful in bringing the annual CODA Conference to Calgary in 2007, which resulted in many Canadian organizations joining CODA and participating in their annual conference programs and their research programs into craft economics in the USA. Tom also served on the CODA Board of Director’s which was the first time anyone from outside the USA was invited to participated at the board level. As a former CODA member, the contacts we have made in the USA were invaluable to doing business in the US market, meeting similarly minded colleagues and sharing information and networking.  Thank you, Tom, for your contribution to reaching beyond our borders.  All the best in retirement… and welcome to Nova Scotia!
Bernard Burton, Executive Director, Craft Alliance Atlantic, Halifax, NS and CCF Affiliate Member


"I remember meeting Tom McFall for the first time. And it was by way of a very special object. It was his family's hand-made leather saddle – a saddle made originally for Tom's father many years ago. This saddle spoke to me from that moment on.

The way I grew to know Tom's sincere respect for hand-made things, I figured this object – his saddle – would itself have to share a story. It would need to speak of provenance, the places it's been, the hands it's touched, the hands it owes its existence to. Even better, it would have to speak of what it might have meant to his family, what it meant to the land he grew up in and to the land that's become intrinsically a part of who he is. It would most certainly, then, have to be a hand-made, well-considered object, one laced with honesty, utility, reliability and elegance – in all, an object seasoned with experience, seasoned with stories...

Maybe, just like Tom McFall the person, this leather saddle is a quintessential cultural artifact – an object that has as much poured into it to give itself a practical life, but also an object that offers just as much that can pour out of it – as if the saddle itself could say, just as Tom himself could also say, 'I've got stories to tell... I hope this inspires you with stories of your own to share.'

What more appropriate way to provide a vignette on Tom McFall, a man so devoted to the craft, culture and material narrative of well-made things, than to start with a singular 'thing'..."

- Donald Chong