Allan Waidman

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Allan Waidman (Calgary, AB) has an inner desire to create – to express the beauty and strength of nature. Sculpture gives him that dimension by continually striving to achieve a certain feeling, to bring out the inner beauty of the stone. Allan tries to create pieces that are more than just pleasing to the eye – they must feel good to touch, they have to capture a feeling and expression. Animals are wonderful subjects, as we tend to relate certain characteristics to different animals.

Allan works with alabaster stone and soapstone of various colours. He looks for stones that have interesting colours and patterns that he can use to enhance the expression of the animal. Air tools are used to rough out the piece and then he “finds the sculpture” in the stone by hand carving. The piece is finished in many stages of wet sanding and applications of a variety of finishing coatings depending on the type of stone. Allan is mainly a self-taught and his work is in many private collections throughout North America.