Susan White

Susan White (Calgary, AB) has been a jewellery designer since 1995, working mostly with sterling silver. Jewellery creation became Susan’s full-time job in the spring of 1997 and has so far kept her very busy. “Nothing pleases me more that someone owns a piece of my jewellery and are happy with it.”

Susan has always been intrigued by beadmaking and after becoming frustrated by not finding what she wanted for her silver jewellery. She took a day class at her local glass studio and became fascinated with making her own beads. Susan now creates her jewellery with her lampworked glass beads as well as experimenting with polymer clay to create new designs.

Lampworking is an ancient process that has recently experienced a renaissance. Lampworkers use a natural gas or propane torch to melt glass rods around a steel rod, or mandrel, to form a bead. Decorations may e added to this base bead by using different colours of glass rods to make stripes, dots, or flowers.

Polymer Clay
Polymer clay has emerged as a respected art medium in the last thirty years. This relatively new medium is extremely versatile as it can mimic stone, ivory or metal and can also pop with vivid colours and patterns. My technique for creating patterns is “mokume gane”, adapted from a Japanese metal-working process. Layers of coloured clay are stacked, manipulated, and the layers are then shaved off to reveal patterns under the surface. The patterned clay is applied to a base polymer clay, whether for earrings, a pendant or bracelet.

ACC Exhibitions: Devonian (2001), Devonian II (2002)