Ken Wilkinson

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

35 years ago, Ken Wilkinson's (Saskatoon, SK) studies in engineering and computer science became interrupted by a university pottery class and exposure to some of the famous ceramists of the day (including John Chalke). Fortunately, his scientific studies coupled with an inquiring mind overlapped into his ceramic studies, informing his work as a potter.

A master of his craft, Ken’s fascination with clay has led him to explore many of the possibilities open to potters. Ken’s work is varied and eclectic, creating everything from coffee cups to furniture to wall murals. He has even designed and built his own kilns, equipment and studios.

A self-described teacher, student and advocate of fine craft, Ken’s work has been shown throughout Western Canada and as a part of Unity and Diversity in Cheongju, Korea.

ACC Exhibitions: Unity & Diversity (2009), Prairie Excellence (2010)