Simon Wroot

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton & Calgary

Simon Wroot is a British-born metal artist who now lives and works in his studio in Calgary, Alberta. Previously self-trained in photography, woodworking and stained glass, his affinity for metal has surfaced since he moved to Calgary in 1987. Over five years he took courses at the Alberta College of Art and Design, the Lewton-Brain-Fontans Centre for Jewellery studies, and studied under Karen Cantine at Series, Red Deer College. In 2011 Simon received the Award of Honour from the Alberta Craft Council.

Simon`s most recent work features extremely detailed miniature landscapes created from up to 15 layers of bronze, copper, and silver. These are also handcut and riveted together, and are created as both brooches and framed works. Simon continues to explore the creation of his landscapes of historic places and buildings, but creating more one-of-a-kind pieces and entering exhibitions.

ACC Exhibitions: Remnants of Community (2008), Intangible Cultural Assets (2010), THIRTY (2010), In the RED (2011), The 2011 Recipients (2012), Continuum (2014), Well in Hand (2014), A Second Look (2015), Masterworks (2015)