Diane Krys

Available at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Edmonton

Diane Krys (Edmonton, AB) was born in Halifax , Nova Scotia and came to Edmonton where she graduated with honours from Grant MacEwan University’s Visual Communication program. She pursued a fulfilling, self-employed career in the field of display design until she discovered the world of fibre art though a happenstance experience with traditional rug hooking. She now has a full-time creative practice in the fibre arts arena using a variety of techniques including rug hooking, knitting, crocheting, felting, spinning and beading.

Diane has been involved with Focus on Fibre, Edmonton Traditional Rug Hooking Guild and the Edmonton Weaver’s Guild in exhibitions and sales. She has been a guest writer for a popular fibre art website (hookingrugs.com) covering topics such as art, design and creativity. Diane’s writing and fibre work has been featured in Rug Hooking Magazine and she has presented for Deanne Fitzpatrick’s October 2012 workshop program held as a part of the Nova Scotia Fibre Festival.

“I have a deep interest in using traditional methods and have developed my own techniques to combine them in boundary stretching ways to express myself. These parallel fibre journeys have morphed into a personal, tactile language that gives form to my experience, voice and ideas.”

ACC Exhibitions: Illusions, Revelations, Transformations (2013), Furnish (2014), Language of Craft (2015), Masterworks (2015)